At TAC  our main missions is to improve the quality of our customers’ capabilities by innovating the way they manage Processes, People, Projects, Technology and Productivity.

We serve a wide range of clients oerating  variousindustries such as:

  • Telecommunication
  • Bank / Insurance / Finance
  • Service / IT / Media
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Administration 

For years we have worked together with our clients in big transformation and improvement projects and programs which not only enabled our them to realize cost savings amounting to millions of dollars but also efficiency, effectiveness and quality in their capabilities increased dramatically. We have a proven track record of successsully executed projects and programs for leading telecommunications companies (both mobile and fixed), banks, manufacturing companies and service proviers in Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine.

The driving engine of behind our success is our highly qualified management consultants who have many years of experience in their area of specialization and our implementation approach based on best practices and proven methodologies. Each one our management consultants are expert in their own are of specialization. We set up our engagement teams in accordance to the goals and context of the engamement so that available skill profie matches the requirements optimally.

Together with our consultants we are competent to address all topics of business management. This includes strategic and organizational aspects as well as system support and other technical dimensions

Many years of experience and many lessons learned are required to attain high degree of execution excellence for performing typical tasks our consultants. Moreover experience and skills have to be supported through access to an extensive library of specialized best practices, implementation methodologies and other assets.

We work Together with our clients in a trust-based cooperation to improve, mature and transform their IT and business processes. We are committed to put years of experience and specialized skills at your disposal for optimal execution excellence and assurance of project success.

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