VAR - Value at Risk Model

. is the value at risk model of "enablers" of CONIG Framework
. has an objective that is to provide a detailed method and a set of supporting tools - for developing an risk model. It may be used freely by any organization wishing to adopt CONIG for use within that organization in order to create value from risk management
. has detail objectives;
    - Ability to customize or tailor the risk profiles and risk detections
    - Ability to schedule, notify, conduct, review and approve risk evaluations for enablers, business processes, business objectives and other parts of the organization
    - Ability to define and test controls and use results in the risk evaluation process
    - Ability to define and monitor key risk indicators (risk magnitude value, risk magnitude score) and use results in the risk evaluation process
    - Ability to identify issues associated with risk evaluations
    - Ability to track and manage remediation/improvement items associated with issues identified
    - Ability to take action to address issues identified
    - Ability to monitor the environment for risk and notify appropriate stakeholders when there has been a change in the risk profile
    - Ability to report on the status, schedule or performance of risk management activities

. establish mappings among "enablers", "risk detections", "risk profiles", "impacts","internal controls" and "authoritative requirements"
. defines quatitative scoring model for "risk detections" and "risk profiles" based on risk assessments and other management system information items