At TAC, we are permanently optimizing our working processes. In order to measure this optimization based on clear quality criteria and to make it comprehensible for the clients, we have introduced the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008. Certification is but one of many means to keep on improving our products and services.

  • We commit ourselves to cost reduction through error prevention with appropriate, systematically used prevention methods.
  • We include our suppliers and contractors in our certified quality management system.
  • We undertake every endeavor in the sectors of further training and human resources development. Thus, we are making sure that the employees working for our clients are optimally qualified and motivated.

Our quality goals as well as the management system are continually being adapted to changing conditions, e.g. new client requirements. These adaptations are reviewed through regular audits and are documented comprehensively for our clients.


Our Quality Management Representatives report directly to the management and is equipped with the assertiveness within the company that goes along with this position. Their responsibility consist in monitoring, securing and further developing internal and external quality requirements.